Learn to Row/Cox

Rowing is a classic sport which can be pursued in either a competitive or recreational way. Rowers can either be part of a crew and experience the ultimate in team activity, or enjoy the skills of single sculling. Rowing is a fun and satisfying activity with the obvious attraction of improving health, fitness and strength. Some regard the sport as a means of getting fit, others get fit to improve their performance.

Bradford Amateur Rowing Club welcomes all those who wish to learn to row. The only stipulation is that you are at least 13 years old, in good health and can swim 50 metres in light clothing. The Club has a good selection of British Rowing qualified coaches who can get you started and develop your skills. Adults complete a Taster Session so they can have a flavour of the sport and are then invited to join the Club if they wish  and start the Learn to Row course, which will develop all the skills and techniques introduced during their Taster Session.

New juniors are introduced to the sport through a learn-to-row scheme that the Club currently runs once a year.  For more details please see the Juniors page.  Prospective Juniors (i.e. under 18) their parents or carers should email the Junior Co-Ordinator direct who will give more information – junior.coordinator@bradfordrowing.co.uk

Press the link to view the Club’s Code of Contact in relation to children and young people – Junior Code of Conduct.

However, the Club has received a large number of requests from people wanting to learn to row.  Prospective Adults can apply to go on the waiting list by emailing  the Club Secretary with date of birth and a contact address and phone number – secretary@bradfordrowing.co.uk  then we will let you know dates of the next round of  Taster sessions/Learn to Row courses.