War of the Roses

JGP_9893 copyThis is Bradford’s unique invitational Annual Veterans Regatta. Clubs across the North send veteran crews of all ages and abilities who are then mixed up and sent out in Fours and Quads for a crazy knockout competition! It’s a great day, not to be taken too seriously and a lovely way to meet people from other Clubs and experience some mad sprint racing! The day culminates with an Eight’s sprint between  a Red Rose crew and a White Rose crew with names being pulled from a hat. Curry and beer finishes  the evening in style .   Since the event started in 2008 the winners of the Peter Finney trophy for the 8s race are as follows:

2008  – Red Rose        2009 – Red Rose        2010 – White Rose        2011 –  White Rose

2012 – cancelled due to high water

2013 – White Rose        2014 – Red Rose        2015 – White Rose        2016 – White Rose

The 2017 event on the 22nd April saw a victory for the Red Rose crew by half a length making the wins tally Red Rose 4 & White Rose 5.  The Red Rose crew have an extra incentive to even up the score in 2018 on the 28th April – Racing started at 11.15am and despite cool weather it stayed dry and  the Eights race at 6pm  was won by the White Rose crew by a narrow margin making the tally Red Rose 4& White Rose 6. 

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