Hopefully you have all seen the new timetable which comes into effect from Monday, September 7, and allows rowing in doubles and pairs as well as singles.

FOUR Important things to note please:

1. There are protocols for rowing which everyone needs to adopt. They have been working well over the summer – and include Protocols and Declaration for Rowing at BARC. I have updated them for the new arrangements. Please read them thoroughly before you decide to row.

2. Everyone needs to provide a declaration to me before they row. This can come in the form of an email to me at lauragsquire@gmail.com.

3. It is a legal requirement to record attendance at the club. This is for COVID track and trace purposes. We have been doing this in groups up to now but as bubbles are getting bigger, can I ask that everyone records their own attendance please? Use this link to allow this. 

4. Rowing involves risk, regardless of COVID, so it is important not to forget those. If it is a while since you have been on the water, please check the basic skills. If you have any doubts about your ability to do those things, please let me know and I will arrange for some additional support for you to get you back into the swing of it. If in doubt, don’t do it!

Many thanks for your patience. When we move to larger boats later in the month, I will circulate revised guidance.

Laura, BARC Captain

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