I promised you a booking system and some new club guidance. You can find the guidance here. It comes into effect from immediately. There is a link to the booking tool in the guidance.

Some reminders:

  • While Bradford’s additional controls are in force we are still only doing doubles and singles but we will keep that under review.
  • The booking tool allows you to choose when you come down. You are no longer confined to bubbles – I hope that will work better for people but to be safe, it does rely on really good adherence to all the other rules please, including continuing to log when you actually attend including the boat you use.
  • Please be considerate and don’t block-book your favourite slot 4 weeks ahead. If members could limit bookings to 1 week ahead please and please only book what you will use.

Finally, this is not perfect. It does not yet do, is allow the booking of specific boats, nor does it allow you to see what others have booked (although I can if you really need to know). I have discovered that booking systems is a very complex market!! My head hurts quite a lot!

With the help of Matthew Steeples we are developing something that might be able to handle those features but there are advantages and disadvantages of all of these systems.

I hope this gives you a little more flexibility in these constrained times. If you arrive and you may be turned away if 12 others have booked (or three others for the gym), so please do try to book.

Stay Safe! Laura

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