So the clocks were re-set last night meaning rowing on the water in the evening is no longer safely possible.
As a result our training becomes more gym focussed, and I can hear shouts of glee at the prospect of long erg sessions!
Details of the changes can be downloaded from the links below, but knowing that people are not good at reading detail, I summarise in as few words as possible:

  • You are encouraged to train at home as much as possible. This is the right thing to do in the current pandemic, as indoor activity presents increased risk.
  • Max four people training (plus a coach for Juniors) either four ergs, or two on ergs, two on weight machines. Floor exercise to the plan is allowed, but circuit training cannot be allowed, no swapping station-to-station, and any equipment used must be single use per session then cleaned.
  • Time slots through the week – Juniors two groups 16:00 to 18:00 – Seniors 18:15 to 19:30 and 19:45 to 21:00. Book a slot using (please be patient as this may take a couple of days to reset to these times).
  • The basics of hand-washing and cleaning equipment must always be emphasised, and we will soon have hand sanitiser stations in the gym too.

More information can be found here:

If in doubt, please ask me directly by mail, phone or What’s App. I have renamed the What’s App “Phase One Peeps” group. This is now “BARC Members Info”. Anyone can join (most regular rowers are in now I think) it is useful to get news on such things as river height and to know who is going rowing when.

Stay Safe Everyone
John Austin-Davies

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